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Breaking news: BUPA to close 85 dental practices

Bupa Dental Care have announced they are to cut 85 dental practices nationwide including several practices in Greater Manchester due to difficulties in recruiting dentists to deliver NHS care. This is concerning for patients who rely on these services. The move will impact around 1,200 staff across the country and leave many patients without access to the dental services they need. This is a reflection of the wider struggle to recruit and retain enough dentists to provide NHS services in the UK. Chronic government underfunding of NHS practice, rising costs of staff, materials and overheads have contributed to difficulties in many struggling NHS practices. In some cases, dentists themselves are subsiding the cost of care to patients making it unsustainable long term.

We have noticed in recent weeks more and more calls from desperate patients looking for a dentist who cannot get an appointment in an NHS practice. We understand that private dental care can be expensive, and Investing in your oral health may seem daunting at first but can help prevent more costly dental problems in future.

Scheduling those regular dental check-ups and hygiene appointments is not only essential for maintaining good oral health, but it can also save you money in the long term, and that's why we offer affordable options to ensure that our patients can access the dental services they need.

By visiting the dentist regularly, dental problems can be caught and treated earlier, which is often less expensive than waiting until the problem becomes more complex and requires more extensive treatment. For example, a small cavity that is detected and filled early on can be treated quickly and easily, whereas if the cavity is left untreated, it can lead to more serious issues such as infection or the need for a root canal, which can be more complex and expensive to treat. By investing in regular dental care, you can help prevent dental problems from occurring in the first place and catch any issues early on when they are still easily treatable. This can help to save you money in the long term and ensure that you maintain good oral health.

At our private dental practice in Manchester city centre, we are accepting new patients and offer affordable dental plans that start from just 58p a day. Our plans include regular check-ups (oral health examinations), thorough hygiene appointments and discounts on necessary dental treatment to look after and prevent dental problems.

Our award winning team of experienced dentists and hygienists in Manchester are dedicated to providing high-quality dental care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We will spend time to fully understand your dental concerns and work with you to formulate a treatment plan that works with your lifestyle and budget. We also offer flexible finance options for bigger treatment plans to help spread the cost of treatment.

At our practice, we offer a range of treatments, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and orthodontics / Invisalign. We are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care and ensuring that they leave our practice with a healthy and beautiful smile.

If you are looking for a private dental practice in Manchester city centre that offers affordable membership plans and accepts new patients, then look no further. We are easily accessible in the heart of the city centre, and offer evening and Saturday appointments for your convenience.

Our practice is here to provide you with the dental care you need, and our friendly team is ready to welcome you. Don't let the recent news about dental practice closures discourage you from seeking the care you need.

Contact us today on 0161 327 2878 to schedule an appointment and start your journey towards a healthy smile.


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