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Your Smile of the Week: ICON White Spot Removal Treatment

Before and After showing white spot on tooth removed with ICON treatment

Before and After showing white spot on tooth removed with ICON treatment

This patient had been self conscious of the white marks on her teeth for as long as she could remember.

It was impacting her confidence in her smile on a daily basis and she had been told by previous dentists that she didn't have many options to remove the white spots.

There are many causes of white spots or marks that occur on the teeth. It could be caused by a fall or bang to a baby tooth which then affects the adult tooth that comes after. Another reason for white discolouration may be following orthodontic treatment, more often with fixed braces, early enamel decay forming around brackets. Fluorosis - a process in which a developing tooth picks up more fluoride minerals than normal - can also present as white marks on teeth.

Our lovely patient came to see Dr Surbin at Your Smile Clinic to discuss what could be done to improve the appearance of her front teeth. We listened to her concerns carefully and discussed a range of options, including tooth whitening, composite or porcelain veneers, or a white spot removal technique called ICON resin infiltration.

ICON resin infiltration is a super minimally invasive way to permanently remove white spots on teeth. Teeth are made up of layers, and one of these layers is porous. The treatment works by thoroughly cleaning the tooth surface on a microscopic level, then filling the pores within the white spot with a clear resin. This effectively removes the white mark by making it visually the same as the surrounding tooth surface.

We achieved a gorgeous result for a gorgeous patient!

Give us a call on 0161 327 2878 or book online for a consultation to start your smile journey with us today.


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