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What are composite veneers?

A composite veneer is a thin layer of tooth coloured resin that is bonded to the front surfaces of teeth in order to change the appearance of your smile. Teeth that are discoloured, chipped, twisted or gappy can be transformed with composite veneers. 


Composite veneers are placed directly onto the tooth surface by the dentist and sculpted at the chairside. This means there is no need for temporary veneers, and you can usually leave with a new smile in as little as a few hours.  Usually no preparation is required to your existing teeth, which means this is a very minimally invasive treatment. 

What is Composite bonding?
Composite bonding is similar to composite veneers as the same techniques and materials are used. Bonding usually involves adding resin to the edges of the teeth only, for example to lengthen short teeth, or repair worn chipped edges. A veneer covers the full front surface of the tooth. Composite bonding is suitable if you do not require a colour change or masking of any defects on the teeth
Who is composite bonding and composite veneers suitable for?
If your teeth are relatively well aligned, but you have discoloured, mis-shapen, worn or chipped teeth then composite veneers or composite bonding may be suitable for you. Your gums must be healthy and there should not be any active dental decay or gum disease.
How long does composite bonding and composite veneers last?
Over time, the resin used can chip or stain and may require minor repairs or polishing every 6-12 months. They usually require full replacement after approximately 5 years.

Do composite veneers and composite bonding hurt?

As no preparation, or very minimal preparation, is required to your own teeth, there is no pain during treatment. Local anaesthetic is not required. The gums may feel slightly uncomfortable as we sometimes have to work close to the gum line, however many of our patients fall asleep during the treatment.  


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