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No Drill Smile Makeover with Composite Veneers

This is an increasingly common request from patients. Everyone wants to improve their smile but they don't want to risk damaging the long term health of the teeth.

One of the biggest trends in cosmetic dentistry are Composite Veneers. A composite veneer is a tooth coloured resin that is applied to the front surface of a tooth to improve its the colour and shape, and can even mask mild crowding giving the illusion of straight teeth. The composite can be bonded directly to the tooth surface without the need for drilling or filing, meaning we can improve smiles without preparing teeth.

This patient was unhappy with the shape of her existing teeth. Her lateral incisors were small in size compared to the central incisors. Her teeth were also barrel-shaped making the smile look more gappy than it actually is.

As with every case, a full examination and assessment is required. It is important that all remedial dental work is carried out and that the mouth is healthy before cosmetic dentistry can be carried out. You wouldn't want to build a house on poor foundations. Luckily, this patient's teeth were beautifully healthy, with no cavities, no existing fillings and no gum disease. Understandably, she did not want to drill away any healthy enamel but wanted a more even but still natural smile. Not everyone is suitable for composite veneers, and this is why we offer a free consultation so we can discuss your options and suitability. If your teeth are very crowded, then it is often better to straighten your teeth first. If you have active gum disease, decay or infection, this will need to be addressed and under control first.

Before composite veneers, we usually recommend teeth whitening to lighten and brighten everything, and then we can colour match to your newly whitened teeth. Of course, this is not essential and if you are happy with the existing colour of your teeth we can work with that. Bear in mind that if you decide to whiten your teeth at a later date, the composite veneers (in fact any veneer, crown, or filling) will not lighten!

The composite veneers are then created directly onto your teeth, usually in a single visit. I say created, because they are not simply prefabricated and glued to the teeth, but each one is painstakingly built by hand, moulded to the contours of your teeth, and shaped to suit your smile. It is a mini piece of art (yes, we even use paintbrushes and different shades in layers). Each dentist has a different style of creating smiles. I personally like to create smiles that enhance what you already have, and still look natural. This normally takes 2-3 hours depending on how many veneers you have. No injections are required as there is no drilling of the teeth.

If you would like see if composite veneers would be suitable for you, please contact 0161 327 2878 and book a free consultation.

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