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Celebrate National Teeth Whitening Day with us!

Why not book a FREE teeth whitening consultation in honour of National Teeth Whitening Day, June 17th.

Teeth Whitening Background

Teeth Whitening practices can date back to 4,000 years ago with the ancient Egyptians, who created a whitening paste using ground pumice stone mixed in wine vinegar. White teeth were a mark of beauty and a sign of wealth, however these ingredients are acidic and abrasive which can be damaging to the enamel.

Similarly today, white smiles are desirable, but safer effective whitening techniques have developed. The active ingredient in professional teeth whitening is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. As this is broken down, oxygen gets into the enamel and the tooth colour becomes lighter.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yes! When prescribed and carried out by dental professionals, teeth whitening is completely safe.

It is normal to have some sensitivity during teeth whitening, however this is only temporary and will go away after you complete the treatment.

Can I have Teeth Whitening Outside of the dentist?

In the UK it is currently illegal to practice teeth whitening without a prescription from a dentist. Even though some beauty salons do offer whitening it is in-fact illegal and unsafe. Illegal tooth whitening has been known to lead to chemical burns or even pulpal death with teeth consequently needing root canal treatment. It is only possible to legally purchase whitening products containing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide from your dentist. Products containing less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide are available over the counter but these are not that effective.

What Teeth Whitening Treatments Do We Offer?

At Your Smile Clinic we offer both at-home whitening and 'Zoom' whitening, which is done in our clinic.

For at-home whitening we will create custom-made trays for your teeth, which you then fill with a whitening gel and wear as instructed. You can usually expect to achieve the desired results in 2-5 weeks.

Zoom! in clinic teeth whitening
Teeth whitening in clinic

'Zoom' whitening uses a combination of whitening gel and a specially designed lamp together, to produce instant results here in the practice. You will then be provided with an at-home whitening treatment kit as well to complete the treatment and get long lasting results.

Check out the video below to see how we perform Zoom! whitening in our clinic!

credit: Gingerbread Happy Time: Feel My Rhythm

What are the benefits of Teeth Whitening?

Before carrying out tooth whitening, we will complete a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth and gums. This enables us to detect any general oral health problems early so that these can be managed. We will also clean your teeth beforehand, which will help to improve your oral hygiene. And of course, you will be left with a beautiful white smile which can help you feel more confident!

How to Look After Your Whitened Teeth?

If your teeth experience some sensitivity during treatment, you can apply a soothing gel into the trays to help ease your symptoms. It is important to keep your teeth and gums nice and clean before, during and after treatment to maximise the results. You must also avoid food and drinks which can easily stain your teeth, such as tea, coffee, red wine and curries, during treatment. Avoiding these types of food after whitening will also help to prevent future staining and maintain your new whitened smile.


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