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Behind the smiles

Our lovely patient had not visited a dentist in many years due to feeling extremely embarrassed of her smile. She was self-conscious and learnt to hide her smile when talking and smiling.

On the surface she has a nice smile and was able to hide her dental issues from those around her, however she knew eventually she would need to do something about it.

When she saw her previous dentist she was made to feel ashamed and judged. This put her off going back to the dentist, and for several years she tried to ignore the situation.

The patient eventually made the decision to come to Your Smile Clinic after some research online and reading reviews. We welcomed the patient to the clinic, reassuring her to make her feel comfortable.

The patient had a thorough assessment and x-ray radiographs and we came up with a treatment plan. This involved non surgical gum disease treatment which was performed by Nia under local anaesthetic as the area was very tender. The patient also presented with several cavities (dental decay) which we will now start to restore.

The patient suffers with severe recession and bone loss around the front lower teeth. There was heavy build up of calculus (hard plaque deposits) further contributing to the problem.

Unfortunately due to the severity of bone loss there is a real possibility of losing the affected front teeth in the near future. She is only 31 years old.

The prognosis of these teeth could have been greatly improved if treated sooner. Regular dental and hygiene visits are crucial to ensure problems are spotted early and preventative techniques are implemented, not only saving teeth but also time and money from more advanced or lengthy complex dental treatment.

Replacement options could involve treatment with dentures, bridges or implants, and may require bone grafting.

Nia has now worked with the patient to devise a preventive plan to maintain these teeth until the patient is ready for future treatment, as well as looking after the rest of the teeth and mouth. Regular dental examinations and professional hygiene appointments will allow us to carefully monitor and assess the health of the gum and teeth. The patient is now looking forward to working with us towards a healthy happy and confident smile.

If you notice your gums starting to recede then don’t be afraid to book in to get them looked at by our lovely team at Your Smile Clinic.

Call 0161 327 2878 to book an appointment.


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