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Review: Curaprox Black is White toothpaste

I got sent some samples from Curaprox a while back but kept forgetting to try it. Finally got round to trying it so here's a little review for you:

Here's what the website says about Curaprox:

"Refreshingly lemony Black Is White whitening toothpaste removes discolouration using activated carbon without abrading or bleaching. 950 ppm fluoride. Strengthens oral health: enzymes protect against tooth decay and support the salivary functions. 15'000 ppm hydroxylapatite (nano) remineralize tooth enamel and seal exposed dentine channels. Plus: Physical blue filter; cooling sensation while brushing. RDA ~59. No SLS. No triclosan. No bleaching agents. No plastic particles. 90ml Can be used as a regular toothpaste without any limitations. "

You can buy it here:

What I thought

It was quite interesting to see black toothpaste come out of the tube, so there's a novelty fun factor to using it but it is not an attractive look at all! It is quite messy to use - make sure you don't wear a white shirt whilst you're brushing like I did!

I look like I have rotten teeth!!

It didn't taste lemony, rather it tasted mildly minty but it was still quite refreshing.

It contains no SLS which is good to hear. SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulphate and is an additive added to many products like toothpaste, shampoos and shower gels. It acts as a foaming agent. Some people are sensitive to SLS as it can irritate skin and oral tissues, especially people with lichen planus. Despite it being SLS free it still foamed up well.

It contains 950ppm fluoride, which is less than most regular toothpastes which normally have 1450ppm. It also contains hydroxylapatite, which is a complex of calcium phosphate. Along with fluoride, this can strengthen the enamel and seal the dentine, which can help with sensitivity. However, as the toothpaste is black, you do need to rinse thoroughly to remove the residue, and this unfortunately will rinse away some of the benefits.

The whitening effect comes from the non-abrasive effect of activated carbon to absorb the stains.

I did notice an instant improvement in the stains on my teeth. It pretty much removed most of the stains so I was impressed with this effect. My stains were pretty new however, I only noticed the stains a few days ago (a result of drinking tea). I'm not sure if this toothpaste would be as effective on older stains.

Overall, it is a great non abrasive toothpaste to remove and prevent surface staining. It won't actually whiten the teeth - it will give the appearance of brighter teeth due to the removal of surface stains, but won't actually change the colour of your teeth. The only way to do this is by using products containing hydrogen peroxide.

I would definitely continue using this toothpaste once a week or once every couple of days to prevent the stains building up. Although it says you can use it as a regular toothpaste - I don't see additional benefit to using this daily, it is quite expensive (rrp £19.95) and quite messy.

Let me know if you have tried this type of toothpaste and let me know what you think!

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