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5 benefits of using an electric toothbrush

5 benefits of using an electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush

1. Easier

Just hold the electric toothbrush in the correct position and let it do it’s thing. It’s especially great for kids and for those who have reduced manual dexterity such as those with arthritis in the hands. Electric toothbrushes also tend to have much smaller heads allowing you to reach those difficult to reach areas more easily.

2. More efficient

Powered toothbrushes vibrate or oscillate and rotate much faster than you can do manually.

3. In built timer

Most electric toothbrushes have an inbuilt 2 minute timer. The better models have these split into 4x 30s seconds. This is really useful so that you can split your mouth in to 4 areas (we call these quadrants) and work each area thoroughly at a time. This ensures you brush in a systematic way so you don’t miss any areas out.

4. Reduce plaque and gingivitis

Studies show a 21% reduction in plaque and 11% reduction in gingivitis after using a powered toothbrush for 3 months

5. Avoids brushing too hard

Some electric toothbrushes have a pressure sensor which indicate if you are pressing too hard. If you brush too hard you can cause your gums to recede (gingival recession) and it can also wear away the enamel (abrasion).

6. You can throw away your floss…………. Only joking!!

One thing many patients tend to think is that because they’re using an electric toothbrush is that they don’t need to floss. You should always remember to clean in between the teeth either with floss or tepe brushes daily because even a fancy electric brush cannot get fully in between the teeth. We dentists like to say it’s like having a shower but not washing your armpits if you brush but don’t floss!

Watch this video to see exactly how brush using an electric toothbrush

Thanks for watching, if you have any comments or requests please let me know


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