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A lifechanging smile!

This lovely gentleman came to see us a year ago, wanting to improve his smile. He did not feel confident smiling due to the large gap between his teeth.

He had congenitally missing upper lateral incisors and missing lower incisors. We moved the two front teeth together using a fixed metal brace, which opened up spaces to place new prosthetic teeth. The patient wanted to keep a small gap, known as a midline diastema, between the teeth and not fully close it, which gives the smile some personality. When we were happy with space closure, we made a temporary bridge to maintain the space that we created, whilst the patient carried out a course of home teeth whitening.

After teeth whitening was complete, we prepared the teeth for minimal preparation bridges and we fitted two small bridges to replace the missing lateral incisors.

The final outcome exceeded his expectations, and he told us he was really happy and couldn't wait to take his family out for a celebratory meal to show them off. He now has a smile to be proud of and we couldn't be happier to be part of his smile journey!


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