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Patient stories



"After missing the opportunity to receive braces as a child due to it 'not being cool', I found myself as a young adult with an unsightly front cross over and very crooked teeth. I approached Dr Ly about this and she gave me all the information I needed to choose the correct treatment for myself. Dr Ly is friendly and approachable and made me feel comfortabke to put such as important thing such as my smile in her care. 


I chose to have an Inman Aligner on my upper teeth, this was perfect for my lifestyle as it is a removable brace that you don't have to wear 24/7 so I could take it out for nights out with friends, great for a 25 year old on the go. 


Dr Ly made sure I had all the information I needed and that I understood how to take care of the brace and how to get it in and out with ease. All my appoitments with Dr Ly were reassuring and positive, I actually looked forward to going to the dentist for her to see my progress. 


The results were amazing, Dr Ly showed great skill in making sure I had the perfect smile. Clearly a perfectionist herself, Dr Ly kept a close eye on my progress through taking pitures and regular appointments to make sure that we achieved the best results.


After the treatment, I have noticed a massive change in myself, I am so much more confident and always seem to have a beaming smile as I want to show off my teeth every chance I get. I would recommend that anyone considering this type of treatment go along and talk to Dr Ly. She is a true professional in her field and has made such a big difference to my life."


Kim did not like her uneven smile and wanted to improve their appearance. We treated Kim with the Inman Aligner to quickly straighten the front teeth. Kim liked this removable brace because it meant she could remove it for important events and meetings. Once her teeth were straight, we completed the treatment with a course of whitening and edge bonding and she loved her new smile.


"I have received nothing but good service from this dental practice. My dentist kept my expectations realistic in terms of the final result but the final result certainly exceeded my expectations. Many thanks"



"My new smile has given me confidence. I don't need to worry now what my teeth look like when I have my photo taken. Before I saw Angela, I hated my smile on photographs, I looked like I was missing teeth. Angela has done a wonderful job. She put me at ease and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Angela. "


"Here is my testimonial on my treatment with Angela Ly using Six Month Smiles.


Having crooked front teeth all my life,  I cannot express how delighted I am with my new smile. I only wish I had had the treatment sooner. Angela explained the process very clearly, always aimed for the best and has achieved fantastic results.

At last I can smile at people and pose for photos with confidence!


Thanks so much,

Margaret Thurlow"


Every girl's worst nightmare! A chipped tooth a week before her wedding. Luckily, we managed to painlessly repair Charlotte's beautiful smile in a single visit leaving her with one less thing to stress about. 


"Dear Angela, I have pleasure in providing you with a testimonial in providing care for a phobic patient. I am 71 years old and for the past 31 years, I had not visited a dentist, or had any sort of treatment. I was terrified of even talking about dentists or dental treatment, I was shamed into going to a Dentist by my 2 Grandaughters, aged 5 and 3.


On visiting you I was immediately put at ease, how things have changed from what I rememebered. A comfy chair, soft lighting and understanding attitude, which immediately put me at ease. I have had 7 stumps removed, teeth built up and partial dentures fitted. The whole process / treatment being explained to me before it was carried out. The whole experience was a revelation, what was I frightened of? 


I can now talk about teeth, treatment and dentists, and make appointments without my heart rate going up and palms sweaty. 


Thank you




"Dear Angela, I have taken the time to write this short note on the back of my dental appointment this morning, I have always been very nervous at the dentist, and as so have not visited as regular as I should. Today due to lack of care from myself I was having some quite extensive treatment and judging by past visits to other dental practices was not looking forward to it. 


From the start when Angela administered the anaesthetic with the needle I was very surprised to not feel uncomfortable and also feel not even the slightest bit of pain. The work Angela has done today is of great standard, she has explained everything very clearly to me and I am over the moon!" 




"My dentist Angela is the best. When I had to have an injection, I did not feel anything. The surgery is very clean and I am always made to feel at ease" 



"I came to the dentist today, I was very scared and tearful but was put at ease by Dr Angela Ly. I was given some numbing relief and was fine, very happy with my treatment."


Mrs Burgess

"I found in coming to the dentist I was made at ease, my dentist Angela was so helpful. I am so happy with my teeth and I would recommend people to come here." 


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