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Dental hygienist


Maintain optimum oral health with regular dental hygienist appointments.

Dental Hygienist in Manchester at Your Smile Clinic

Do you need to see a hygienist?

 Regular dental hygiene appointments are needed to maintain good oral health, and to prevent serious gum disease.

Our experienced dental hygienists and dental therapists will give you tailored advice on how to look after your gum health. 



Emily |  Initial Hygiene Visit

“I recently had a dental hygiene appointment here after not visiting a dentist for quite a few years. I was really nervous about going, but I was put at ease. They were SO friendly and knowledgable that I felt a million times more positive about caring for my teeth going forward" 
  • How much does Invisalign cost?
    Each Invisalign treatment is individually designed bespoke to achieve your treatment goals. Fees will vary depending on the complexity of treatment, however most cases are around £3995, but can vary from £1995-£4995
  • How long does Invisalign treatment take?
    Treatment length depends on the case complexity and treatment goals. Treatment will be more successful if you follow the wear time instructions and attend appointments as recommended, as this may cause delays to your progress.
  • Does Invisalign hurt?
    All orthodontic treatment will be uncomfortable at first as a gentle continuous force is being applied to the teeth to move them. Invisalign is more comfortable to wear than fixed braces as there are no brackets or wires which can rub and cause ulcers. It is normal for teeth to be tender for the first 1-2 weeks but your mouth will soon adapt and it will be comfortable. We recommend a soft diet for the initial 2 weeks.
  • Do I need to wear retainers after Invisalign treatment?
    We recommend you wear retainers every night after your Invisalign treatment to prevent relapse.
  • Can Invisalign fix an underbite?
    Invisalign can be used to treat many orthodontic concerns. Depending on the severity and cause of the underbite, it may be possible to correct or improve an underbite with Invisalign. It is best to book an assessment with a dentist or orthodontist who can assess your specific case. Severe underbites usually require surgical correction.
  • Can Invisalign fix an open bite?
    An open bite is when the teeth do not meet together when biting. An anterior open bite is when the front teeth do not meet together but the back teeth meet together, whilst a posterior open bite is where the back teeth do not meeting together but the front teeth do when biting. Open bites can be unilateral, on one side only, or bilateral, on both sides of the mouth. Invisalign can be used to treat some open bite cases, depending on the severity and cause of the open bite. A dentist or orthodontist can assses your suitability for treatment with Invisalign and provide you with alternative treatment methods if necessary.
  • What are Invisalign attachments?
    Attachments are used in Invisalign treatment to help with certain tooth movements. They may needed for anchorage, or to help direct forces. They are made using a template filled with composite resin which is then bonded to your teeth. Invisalign attachments usually stay on throughout the duration of treatment and are removed at the end of treatment.
  • Do I have to have Invisalign attachments?
    Certain tooth movements can be complex or difficult and Invisalign attachments are required for these movements. Without the prescribed attachments, the tooth or teeth may not moved as planned.
  • Do Invisalign attachments damage teeth?
    Invisalign attachments are made from composite resin and are bonded to the teeth with dental adhesive. They are removed carefully at the end of teeth with special burs that do not damage the enamel to return the teeth to their original condition.
  • Can I drink with Invisalign?
    We recommended drinking water or clear sugar-free drinks whilst wearing Invisalign. It is recommended to avoid drinking highly coloured drinks as it can stain the Invisalign, and to avoid sugary drinks as it can damage to the teeth. Hot drinks can cause damage or distort the Invisalign and we recommend removing the Invisalign should be removed before drinking hot drinks, or allow drinks to cool before drinking. Remember, wear time of 22 hours per day is recommended for best results. If Invisalign is not worn correctly, the teeth may not move as planned.
  • Can I eat with Invisalign?
    Invisalign must be removed before eating. We recommend eating three main meals a day, and to avoid snacking to ensure that Invisalign is worn for the specified time.


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