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The perfect kit to get you started on your Invisalign or orthodontic aligner journey. Everything you need in one convenient kit to look after your teeth and aligner trays. Kit includes:


2 x EverSmile Whitefoam - our best selling Invisalign cleaning product to keep your aligners looking fresh and clear, keeps your breath fresh and teeth stain free

1x Bamboo brush - the soft nylon bristles are super gentle but effective at removing plaque. Can also be used to brush inside the aligners

2 x Aligner chewies pack (2 in each pack) - use daily to ensure your aligners are fully seated and working effectively

1 x aligner remover tool 


Save money on this bundle rrp £71.70


Please note: this kit does not include Invisalign treatment or aligners


Invisalign Starter Care Bundle

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