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The FlossGrip floss holder is designed to securely hold floss and make it easier to floss between teeth contacts, especially between the back teeth. We recommend using this with Oral B Pro premium floss for the best results.


  • FlossGrip offers a solid grip for the hand, which means swift and precise movements into each interdental space, particularly at the back of the mouth. You can easily floss with one hand.
  • With FlossGrip, the floss does not slip out of the flosser and remains firmly in place during use, because the patented gripping mechanism is fixing the floss at the end of each prong.
  • FlossGrip reduces drastically the consumption of dental floss: 5" is enough! After just a few months, the saving on the floss expenses will pay you back the price of your floss holder.
  • FlossGrip is endless refillable, which means less plastic waste in the landfills.
  • FlossGrip works with any type of dental floss or dental tape. But it works particularly well with our new FlossGrip Dental Floss. Try it out!

FlossGrip floss holder

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