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EverSmile® Aligner & Retainer Cleaning + Whitening is used to clean aligners whilst whitening teeth and keeping your breath fresh at the same time.


This is 50mL tbottle 


Please note this product was previously called EverSmile® WhiteFoam


Brightens Teeth
EverSmile® WhiteFoam helps keep teeth looking fresh and bright by gradually removing stains. 

EverSmile® WhiteFoam cleans aligners while in the mouth using a mild hydrogen peroxide technology. 

Freshens Breath
EverSmile® WhiteFoam is mint flavoured to help freshen breath all day long!

*twice a day application

Ideal for use with Invisalign aligners, or orthodontic retainers

Eversmile Aligner & Retainer Cleaning+ Whitening 50mL

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